Mekkerhof Innovation Fund

The ‘Mekkerhof Innovatiefonds’ (innovation fund) was set up by the eponymous hircine innovation centre, with a view to facilitating research in the field of goat farming and to link research, practice and initiatives. The fund is to be used to launch a research project aimed at giving something back to the sector. During our open days we received donations to the tune of 2862 euros. This is a useful sum with which to get things started. The ten research ideas accumulated were discussed and assessed on the basis of their significance to the sector. In addition, it was discussed which idea was feasible, viable and sufficiently specific to serve as the basis for research. In mutual consultation, ‘klauwproblemen bij geiten’ (hoof problems among goats) was chosen as the topic of the research project. The innovation team then submitted a research proposal to the goat farmers for approval.

The ‘Gezonde geitenklauwen’ (Healthy Hooves) was ultimately launched in September 2019. Ample data is currently being collected on the occurrence of various hoof disorders in goats at several farms. The aim is to complete data collection by mid-summer 2020. The definitive findings of the survey are to be presented in the autumn. We shall also keep you informed of the project’s progress, however.

Would you love to complement the team as a trainee, and do you also have a passion for goats? We look forward to meeting you! For further information, please contact us at or consult our ‘traineeship’ page.

“While knowledge is power, sharing knowledge is true strength”