Feeding with GIJS

GIJS is our preferred supplier of feed for the goats at Mekkerhof. GIJS sets great store by innovation. In the course of performing our daily duties at GIJS, however, we found we sometimes lacked the specialist knowledge required to assist our progressive customers in raising their business to the next level. After all, the majority of the knowledge we possessed was acquired from cattle and pig farming and experiments carried out on working farms. And so the idea to establish GIJS Mekkerhof was conceived.
GIJS is a relatively new, innovative feed and consultancy firm that has begun to make quite a name for itself with the slogan ‘farming with GIJS’. In fact, thanks to its goat farming activities, GIJS has developed into a major domestic player in recent years. GIJS assists goat farmers in optimising their operating results, by deploying its specialised ‘on-site’ livestock nutritionists and adopting a customer-specific approach. Furthermore, the advice proffered can be better substantiated on the basis of practical research that it performs at Mekkerhof.
For further information, please visit or contact our goat team (team leader Jan van der Zee, tel: +31 – (0)6 – 1010 6421).