GIJS Mekkerhof BV is Europe’s very first dairy goats innovation centre. This state-of-the-art centre has sufficient capacity for 1000 dairy goats, kept on straw. The kids are raised using sustainably preheated artificial milk. On reaching the age of three months, they are transferred to the rearing shed. The shed in which the dairy goats are kept is equipped with a traditional rapid exit milking parlour and mechanical ventilation, so that the indoor climate can be regulated. A heat pump has been installed to promote efficient use of energy.

New know-how and insights add strength

Mekkerhof’s objective is to further strengthen the position of goat farming in the Netherlands by providing new know-how and insights. Its focus is nutritional research. There remains a wealth of knowledge to be gained in the field of goat nutrition. Vast amounts of data are therefore being collected. We closely monitor both the dairy goats’ milk yield and their consumption of various types of feed.

“We have a passion for goats!”

We endeavour to boost the positive image of the sector. ‘Openness’ is our motto. While the goats can be viewed from the outside throughout the year, Mekkerhof also has a spacious reception area which offers visitors a closer look at them. Everyone is welcome to visit for an excursion, seminar or training course: the young and elderly alike, from both within and outside the sector and beyond. Read more using the link visitors.

Come and enjoy watching our goats

GIJS Mekkerhof is an inspiring environment for anyone who is keen to learn more about the goat sector. If you wish to pay a visit, please contact us first to make a reservation and discuss the various possibilities available. You can do so by either completing this  form   or calling Jennike Reefhuis on tel: +31- (0)6 – 10 88 04 87.

We endeavour to boost the positive image of the sector.

‘Openness’ is our motto.